Today has been productive & healthy.  There was a glint of sunshine at 8am this morning, so the sprouts and I were dressed and out the door for a walk quicker than you could say “16 and showers”.  Actually I haven’t seen any rain all day, so I’m starting to think this weather forecasting isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be…


Breakfast is a fairly simple routine for me.  In the past I’ve tried to mix things up with overnight oats and cooked oatmeal, but both of these options leave me absolutely famished an hour later.  Other people can power along all morning after oats, but not me.  It seems to spark something in my metabolism that has me frothing at the mouth with hunger in no time.  Instead, I have a couple of different high fibre, low fat cereals that I absolutely love.  I have a bowl of cereal with a piece of fruit for breakfast and I am guaranteed to keep powering through until morning tea. 

This morning was Sultana Bran, low-fat milk and an orange. 

IMG_4314 - edited


Weekly weigh-in

I’ve been missing this last week.  I hit a blog speed bump.  I wasn’t sure if I was ready for this blog commitment and I wasn’t sure if I was ready to put myself so far out into the blogosphere.  It’s one thing to follow the lives of my favourite bloggers on-line, but it’s another thing altogether to start writing about myself in such a personal and public way.  But I’m over the bump, I’m back now and I’m jumping in with 2 sneakered feet.

On the scales

My first weigh-in was Monday and I lost 0.4kg.  A healthy loss, but considering I walked just over 22km last week it’s a little underwhelming.  I’ve been trying to make healthy choices without counting calories, but I have a sneaking suspicion that a few too many not-so-smart choices might have slipped in as well.  I’ll be keeping an eye on that.

Our sunny Spring weather has disappeared this week and we’re back to cold, wet days.  It’s going to be a struggle to get outside walking and I missed Body Balance last night, so it’s going to be a tough week.  It might be time to push aside the toys and crack open the fitness DVD’s.


Today’s walk seemed to fly by – probably because I spent the entire time trying to entertain the sprouts.  They weren’t too keen to be in the pram this morning and it was a struggle to get them dressed and out the door.  I’m covering about 4km in my walk and it takes 40mins which is just about long enough for the sprouts.  A play in the park before we come home always gets them smiling again though.


For today’s lunch I tried something completely new – Quorn!  According to their website, Quorn is made from Mycoprotein and is a meat-free protein that’s low in fat and high in dietary fibre. 


I tried the Southern style burger chopped up in a wrap with some leftover pumpkin, mushroom, grated cheese & sweet chilli sauce.  Wow!  This little patty knocked my socks off.  It seems hilarious to say ‘it tastes like chicken’, but it had a great texture and I would have sworn I was eating a meat protein.  The crumb coating was crunchy and perfectly spiced too.  If anything, the flavour of the patty got a bit lost in my wrap and it would be better on it’s own with a side salad.  These will definitely be on the menu again.

The sprouts and I were away from home most of the day today.  We left home at 9.30am and didn’t get back until 2.00pm so morning tea and lunch were on the move.  Unfortunately I had under-catered when I was packing food for the day so I found myself starving and wrestling with the sprouts for crumbs at lunchtime.  This combined with the homemade chocolate brownies (incredible!) on offer at my mums group meant that today wasn’t filled with the best choices.  So instead of beating myself up about it I decided to balance things out with a healthy dinner of stir-fried veggies (with soy sauce and a little sweet chilli) served with brown rice.  I sprinkled a few cashews on top before serving and it really hit the spot. Now the only challenge will be keeping the bedtime munchies at bay.  It’s going to be a long night!


I had visitors in the afternoon so I missed out on a walk today.  I had Body Balance last night and I’m definitely feeling the burn in my abs and thighs.  Body Balance is a low intensity 55 minute workout inspired by tai chi, yoga and pilates.  I look forward to this class all week but I think it’s more for the mental exercise than the physical.  That said, I do love stretching my tight, stiff muscles.  Tomorrow’s exercise plan: another 40 minute walk with the sprouts.

It’s been a slow climb up the scales if you compare how slim I was in high school to where I’m at now.  I don’t know how much I weighed back then but at a guess I’m about 20kgs past that.  I may have lost a couple of kilos here and there along the way, but essentially I’ve just added to my weight gradually over the last 15 years.  I don’t feel like it’s particularly complicated – my intake of food far exceeds my physical output and I need to turn that equation around.  So how am I going to do that you ask?  One meal and one walk at a time. 

Today started with a 40 minute walk after breakfast (pushing the sprouts in the double pram) and then a bean & veggie burrito for lunch – wholegrain tortilla, hummus, kidney bean and salsa mix, grated carrot, corn, sliced mushroom and salad greens.  I could hardly close the burrito it was bursting with so many goodies! 


Now about my photos – I know nothing about photography and photo editing and I hope to learn along the way.  So please be patient with me – I’ll get better!